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Get answers to the most common questions about PES.
Common questions

The Próspera Platform

What is the Próspera Platform?
Próspera partners with governments like Honduras to promote and operate Economic Development Hubs - similar to Special Economic Zones (SEZ). These hubs are integrated with local communities and have semi-autonomous governance and regulation.

With a common law legal framework, familiar and flexible regulations, a bill of rights, low taxation, and protections for the environment, Próspera enables entrepreneurs to solve problems structurally and responsibly for the people of Honduras and the rest of the world.

For more information, visit the Próspera Platform website.
What is Próspera's tax code?
As part of the Próspera ZEDE, you are not required to pay taxes to the Honduran government for income earned in the ZEDE. In its place, Próspera offers low and fair tax levels, as well as economically efficient tax methodologies for operating firms. Próspera’s tax code is as follows:

What is it like working in the Próspera ZEDE?
Próspera is striving to be the best place to work, live, and play. Broaden your horizons with top-notch job opportunities and work in a place that’s walking distance from the beach. Live comfortably knowing Próspera is kept safe and secure by private security. Have trust in good governance and Próspera’s quick and fair arbitration center. Próspera is working to achieve world class schools, healthcare, and infrastructure on the beautiful island of Roatán. Come be a pioneer with us, join our community, and see what Próspera has to offer.
How are labor laws different on the Próspera Platform?
Próspera has adopted a best-practices framework for labor law, which draws inspiration from leading jurisdictions as well as the Honduran national government’s labor laws. According to the Próspera Labor Statute, PZ’s labor regulations are as follows:

01. Próspera Labor Premium. Covered Employees must be paid at least 25% more than the Honduran national minimum wage for each industry. USD is the default currency of employee compensation in the region.

02. Próspera Labor Benefit Fund. Every employee will have a trust account called the Próspera Labor Benefit Fund, initially established by their first employer, which belongs to the employee and travels with them. Each employer for whom they work must contribute at least 10% of the gross compensation paid for work performed in Próspera to each qualifying Employee in the immediately preceding quarter, which the employee can use for retirement, healthcare needs, education needs, legal needs, emergency housing needs, or situations of emergency economic hardship.

03. Próspera Overtime Requirement. Covered Employees must be paid 125% overtime pay when the employees work in excess of 48 hours a week or 6 days a week.

04. Marketable Tax Credit Eligibility. Employers can apply for a grant of Marketable Tax Credits (MTCs) for the aggregate amount they paid towards the Próspera Labor Premium, Próspera Labor Benefit, and Próspera Overtime Requirement in any previous tax year when offerings of such MTCs are made.

05. Labor Unions. Employees are free to form labor unions and participate in strikes; but such freedom includes the responsibility to respect peace, order, and property rights.

06. Right to Work. Contracts which restrict employment opportunities to only associates of a Labor Union are presumptively unenforceable.

07. Exemptions. Immediate family members of the employer, natural persons in substantial ownership of the firm, interns, entry level hires (that is, people with no previous work experience in the industry), and small business hires (that is, people employed by firms with fewer than 10 full time employees or annual gross revenue less than $1,000,000).
Common questions

Working in Próspera

Do I need to become a ZEDE resident to work within Próspera?
Yes. For our employees to fully benefit from the Próspera ZEDE regulations, all of our employees must be residents. Before any employment contracts can be signed, you must go through the Residency process.
What is the cost of becoming a ZEDE resident?
For eResidents, the cost is $130 per year. For physical residents, the cost is $260 per year for Hondurans and $1300 per year for foreigners. There is required insurance for physical residents which can be no more than $260 per year. Talk with your employer to see if they offer reimbursement for any residency expenses.
Do I need to live in the ZEDE?
You are not required to live within the ZEDE, but you are required to perform your work within the ZEDE to benefit from the unique regulations of the Próspera Platform, including low taxes and superior government services.
What is the Talent Network?
The Talent Network collects top-talent candidates in Honduras and makes them immediately available to employers hiring in Próspera. Our Talent Network is open to anyone currently searching for a job, looking to make a career change, or just wanting to be updated about potential job opportunities. By joining our Talent Network, you can be the first to know when a role fits your skill set.
Am I required to be fluent in English?
You are not required to be fluent in English, but it may limit the opportunities available to you through Próspera Employment Solutions. Most of our clients require their employees to be fluent in English.
How long will my contract last?
The length of your contract will depend on your employer. The terms will be determined before you sign a contract with your employer.
Will I be provided working equipment?
Yes. The equipment required for you to be successful will be provided to you depending on your role. This typically includes an office space and computer hardware.
Would I have career-growth opportunities?
Próspera Employment Solutions strives to work with companies that will challenge you, develop your skills, utilize your expertise, and provide meaning. However, while our goal is to enable everyone hired to reach their full potential, you drive your own career growth.